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One of the most delightful features of the Royal Victoria Park, the Botanical Gardens were formed in 1887 and within their 3.8 hectares (9 and a half acres) is one of the finest collections of plants on limestone, certainly in the West Country. 

Less than a mile from Bath City Centre in the north west corner of the Park, the gardens boast many choice trees, shrubs, a fine herbaceous border, a rock garden and pool, a scented walk, a collection of old shrub roses, and a replica of a Roman Temple (the City’s exhibit at the British Empire Exhibition held at Wembley in 1924). These are just a few of the many attractive and interesting features of the garden.

To mark the centenary in 1987 the gardens were extended to include the Great Dell, a disused quarry and formally part of the park itself, which already contained a very fine collection of conifers. It has been developed into a woodland garden, and contains ever more plants and features to add to this fascinating and beautiful park.

BATH BOTANICAL GARDENS are an oasis inside the Royal Victoria Park surrounded by the busy City of Bath

Here you will find walkways winding through and in and out of the planted areas full of interest and colour and alive with birds, insects, butterflies and wildlife. A small stream tumbles over stones and under small bridges crossing the diameter of the Gardens, and a large pond with a moorhen house and moorhens, fish to watch and seating located in ideal positions around, where one can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

The lawn area, with its collection of trees from all over the World, is ideal for picnics or just to enjoy the sunshine and colour from the grand herbaceous border which runs alongside. The carpets of wild crocus in the early spring and the magnolia, cornus and cherry trees all bursting into colour, create a magical theatre. There are large varieties of different shrubs, roses, climbers and scented flowers. The woodland garden with its grand collection of fir trees, shade loving plants and shrubs and a walkway over a stream crossing the dell, with its scillas, anemonies, wild garlic, ferns, hostas and many other unusual plants all benefitting from this ideal location. 

The Friends of the Botanical Gardens support the work of the gardeners here assisting with the purchases of new and replacement plants, volunteering to keep the gardens tidy and welcoming groups and visitors. We organise monthly evening talks from September to June each year with excellent speakers, guided walks around the Gardens, and other social activities where members can learn, make new friends and exchange news. There are visits to gardens of interest and two residential tours each year. We welcome new friends so please do join us.

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